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Aina: Titi Sola, Pau Santesmasses, Artur Estrada, Álvaro Sola
Titi Sola, guitar; Pau Santesmasses, drums;
Artur Estrada, guitar & vocals; Álvaro Sola, bass
Aina (pronounced EYE-NA) hail from Barcelona, Spain and play beautiful, inspiring, melodic punk rock with a nod to Jawbox and a not so subtle infatuation with AC/DC. "Bipartite" is their 3rd CD (following a full-length and a singles compilation) and was originally released on their home Catalonian label, BCore Disc in 2001.

Aina first came to our attention when we (The Dusters) shared the stage (and a split 7") with them on our entire 1999 European tour. We were absolutely blown away by their drop dead live performances night after night and by their incredible hospitality while we were in Barcelona. Needless to say we quickly became huge fans and fast friends and have been plotting ever since to get them over here to spread the wealth.

"Bipartite" was recorded at Inner Ear in Arlington, VA with J. Robbins in the Summer of 2001. J. then took them on tour for two weeks with Burning Airlines where they were enthusiastically embraced by packed audiences. Superbad released the American version of this record to coincide with a Dusters/Aina USA tour from November that included dates with their other European touring brothers, Shiner and Engine Down.

AINA Bipartite
$10.00 CD postpaid
SUPERBAD #10 Distributed by Dischord Direct
Recorded at Inner Ear Studios with J. Robbins

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» Aina in Europe on BCore disc.

A split 7
AINA : Lutton Can Wait / THE CAPITOL CITY DUSTERS : Reason
A split 7" $3.50 (limited edition 1000 on Blue vinyl) postpaid
SUPERBAD No. 8, DISCHORD No. 125.5 Distributed by Dischord Direct
(This was orignally released for the Fall '99 Aina/CC Dusters European Tour & is available in Europe on BCore disc)


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