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Most Secret Method; Ryan, Johanna & Marc
Ryan Nelson, Drums
Johanna Claasen, Bass & Vocals
Marc Nelson, Guitar & Vocals
The Most Secret Method revel in the economy of motion. Three elements; guitar, bass and a trap kit stripped to its bare essentials. Their songs move from clean tones and and lock rhythm grooves to sonic explosions that speak of rage, passion and joy, not just in turn, but somehow all at once. As always, the artwork for "Our Success" is culled from the amazing and slightly twisted original cartoon drawings of (drummer) Ryan Nelson and pulled together with the help and vision of designer du jour Jason Farrell into a beautiful full color package. MSM Last show flyer, Click to enlarge

The Most Secret Method have existed in exile since 2000, playing rarely as Marc explores his other passion, acting, and Johanna continues her jazz training on stand-up bass. In the meantime, Ryan has rocked out with The Dead Teenagers and now employes his many talents with Chad Clark (ex Smart Went Crazy) and friends in the ever elusive Beauty Pill. The Most Secret Method resurfaced from this exile in the summer of 2002 to play a series of shows in support of "Our Success" and say a proper farewell at their show at the Blackcat in Washington, DC on August 3rd.

It has always been clear to me that "Our Success" is a document that needed to be heard regardless of the current status of the band. It presents a truely great band in their prime and at their best. Just as "Get Lovely" forever left its mark on bands like Q and not U, Juno and Ranier Maria, "Our Success" can not leave you untouched.

Our Success
Most Secret Method
OUR SUCCESS $10.00 CD postpaid
SUPERBAD #9 Distributed by Dischord Direct

Louis Lake
Spill More Blood

Live at the Blue Room
Compilation - Live at the Blue Room
Featuring the track, Inch
Recorded live at The Blue Room Theatre of Chico California, 5/13/99
Released by Yanstar Records

Also featuring tracks from, The Dismemberment Plan, Burning Airlines, and Capitol City Dusters

"D.C. bands Burning Airlines, the Dismemberment Plan, the Farewell Bend, Most Secret Method, and the Capitol City Dusters don't only appear on the disc, but are the main highlights of it. No other region of the country is home to more than three of the 15 bands on the disc..." - Daniel Piotrowski

Get Lovely
Most Secret Method
GET LOVELY $10.00 CD $9.00 LP postpaid
Slowdime 15 Distributed by Dischord Direct

1997 Split 10" $8 postpaid
The Dusters: Recorded @ WGNS-Mixed by J. Robbins, The Dusters
and Geoff Turner
The MSM: Recorded in Suitland, MD-Mixed by J. Robbins and MSM
SUPERBAD No. 6, DISCHORD No. 117.5 Distributed by Dischord Direct


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