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A Short History:

Severin hailed from Washington, DC. They played shows from 1990-1993 releasing four singles; three on Superbad/Dischord, one on Sub-Pop, and released one full-length, Acid To Ashes, on Dischord Records. Characterized by crisp, weaving and dueling guitar melodies puncuated by frenetic rhythms, Severin broke eardrums and genres with urgent pop hooks and dischordant structures. After several regional and national tours Severin called it quits in late 1993.

Where are they now:

-Alec Bourgeois lives in Washington, DC and founded THE CAPITOL CITY DUSTERS with drummer Ben Azzara (formerly of Junction and Delta 72) in 1996. The Dusters have released a 2 full-lengths (one on Superbad and the latest on Dischord Records), several singles and tours both in the US and Europe. Alec has worked at the venerable Dischord Records for most of the last decade, is still the warden of Superbad Records and has re-discovered his roots as a visual artist.

-Alex Daniels reunited briefly with his SWIZ mates in 1996 to release a single and an album as SWEETBELLY FREAKDOWN on Jade Tree and was last heard rocking with the Woollybacks. Alex has since moved to Little Rock, Arkansas to further persue his carreer in journalism.

-Eugene Bogan, convinced the draft will soon be re-instated in the United States, has moved to a farm in Walkerton, Ontario with his wife Karla and is selling books online and building an airplane. Eugene and Karla just welcomed the arrival of their first child, daughter Tonoemi, in April 2002.

-Mark Haggerty lives in San Francisco, is a member of the historic Rainbow grocery collective, and is still playing music.

Severin - Acid to Ashes
Acid to Ashes
CD/LP Dischord 72
Released: Fall '92
songs featured: Fire & Sand, Catholic Girl, New #1, Stones Throw, Unglued, Believe, Me & You, Liquid Thoughts, Close, Speaking Oysters, People Are Wrong

Severin - Acid to Ashes
Severin Double 7",
Superbad 4/Dischord 92.5
songs featured: Upside Down, Witness, Axlegrind, Empty

Severin - Fire and Sand b/w People are Wrong
Fire and Sand b/w People are Wrong
7" Superbad 1/Dischord 57.5
Released: Spring '91
songs featured: Fire and Sand & People are Wrong
severin - Smash Hits
Smash Hits
7" Superbad 57.5/Dischord 72.5
Released: Summer '92
songs featured: Close & Speaking Oyster
Severin/Gray Matter Split
Severin/Gray Matter Split
7", Superbad 3/Dischord 68.72
Released: Summer '92
songs featured: Severin - Catholic Girl
Gray Matter - Second Guest
Severin - Beagles! Beagles!
Beagles! Beagles!
7" Sub-Pop #213
Released: June1993
songs featured: Waste Of Time / Powerplay
The Machines Compilation
The Machines Compilation
CD/LP Simple Machines
Released: Winter '91/'92
song featured: Me & You
Chairman of the Board
Chairman of the Board (Sinatra tribute)
CD/LP Grass Records
song featured: Mack the Knife

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